March Supplement of the Month: Pro-5

March Supplement of the Month: Pro-5

We have a new Supplement of the Month for March — PRO-5™ by Klaire Labs!

Pro-5™ is a high-potency, hypoallergenic blend of five probiotic strains to support balanced gut health.


• Optimizes Digestion — Helps the body digest foods more comfortably and efficiently.

• Improves Absorption — Aids in the transfer of vitamins and minerals (such as calcium and vitamin B) in the foods we eat to our bodies.

• Safeguards Against Infection — Pro-5™ and other probiotics are linked to decreasing reoccurring yeast infections and urinary tract infections, as well as with defending against acne and other infections.

• Strengthens Immunity — A healthy digestive tract increases the production of one immune system responder, known as lymphocytes.

Pro-5™ is an excellent, cost-effective option for supplementation with potent amounts of probiotic strains that compete against less desirable bacteria and yeast.