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Managing the Three Elements of Burnout

As I was recently reading the AMTA Massage Therapy Journal, I came across an article entitled “Rising From the Ashes of Professional Burnout.” I am going to paraphrase a few key points, interspersed with my own observations.

According to Michael Leiter, PhD, co-author of “Banishing Burnout: Six Strategies for Improving Your Relationships With Work,” burnout has 3 elements that I feel can apply to any situation, not just work. The three elements are:

*  A fatigue you cannot overcome

*  A diminishing joy, and

*  A loss of confidence or being effective

When we are tired it is difficult to truly engage with what is going on around us and enjoy being involved. As health care specialists we are here because we care; we want to help. Unfortunately that caring can drain our energy as well. We need to listen to our body and make sure we are getting enough rest, eating well and allowing ourselves time to decompress after work so that we may fully enjoy and participate in the rest of what life has to offer.

Communication is the key. It is better to say “no” to an event or ask for daily quiet time, than to be cranky or short with the ones we care about and love. When we take care of ourselves, we show those around us by example that taking care of themselves is important, too.

Melody Barrett



by Melody Barrett,

Licensed Massage Practitioner,

SVT Health & Wellness

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10 Quick Tips to Increase Happiness

Here are 10 quick things that you can do for increased happiness:

1. Say EXACTLY what you mean

2. Be willing to say no

3. Be willing to say yes

4. Be your own cheerleader

5. Resist the need to have control

6. Treat yourself the way you would want someone treating your most loved one.

7. Drink lots of water

8. Get enough sleep

9. Exercise, even if it is just 5 minutes a day to start

10. Do something you enjoy, for no reason other than you enjoy it, at least once a day!