Cooking your own food allows you to know exactly what you’re putting into your body. It’s easier to cut down on calories and fat when you have control over what ingredients you use. But the kitchen can also be overwhelming, especially for a newbie chef. To make things a little easier, we’ve rounded up the best new kitchen gadgets that will help make your experience both easier and healthier. You’ll never choose fast food over homemade again.

Check out the 25 kitchen gadgets elected by Daily Burn experts in the hopes of getting you closer to your health and fitness goals.

  1. Just a Spritz
    Spraying instead of pouring oil with the Tabletop Oil Mister will remove extra fat from your dish.
    Find it here at for only $20.
  2. Keep It Clean
    Wiping down your counter doesn’t always get rid of all the germs. WonderTop Food Preperation Area can be thrown in the dishwater when you’re done cutting and seasoning raw meats.
    Find it here at for around $100.
  3. Blend Together
    The Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor can help you chop your salad, mash up potatoes, or make a cream-based soup.
    Find it here at for around $35.
  4. Have a Glass
    Know what’s in your fruit juice (no added sugar!) by making it yourself with this Omega 8004 Nutrition Center Juicer.
    Find it here at for over $200 with free shipping.
  5. Top It Off
    The liquid topping on your salad could be sabotaging your weight loss. The Jokari Portion Control Dressing Lid helps make sure you use a healthy amount, not one drop more.
    Find it here at for $8.
  6. Turn Up the Heat
    The tough, non-stick coating on the inside of this George Foreman 4-Serving Removable Plate Grill eliminates the need for butter or oil.
    Find it here at for $30.
  7. A Glass of Bubbly
    Prefer seltzer to water? Go green by making bottles of the carbonated refreshment in your own home with the Cuisinart Sparkling Beverage Maker.
    Find it here at for under $80.
  8. Any Way You Slice It
    Ordering takeout always seems easier than chopping your own veggies. That’s no longer the case with the Microplane Adjustable Slicer with Julienne Blade — one swipe is all it takes.
    Find it here at for $30.
  9. The Choice is Yours
    Place your food in the NuWave Oven and have the option to pressure cook, slow cook, or steam it.
    Find here at for under $150.
  10. Can’t Touch This
    Cool Gear EZ freeze collapsible salad kit is perfect for those who prefer to keep the different components of their meal from touching one another.
    Find a two-pack here at for $20.
  11. The Chill Mill
    I scream, you scream, we all scream for Yonanas ice cream. Create your own frozen treat without all those ingredients you can’t pronounce.
    Find it here at starting at $50.
  12. Rest Easy
    Never sure where to rest your spoon after stirring up the food cooking on your stove? The Snug will hold it for you, without getting dirty.
    Find it here at for under $20.
  13. Spin the Wheel
    Cooking multiple dishes means the need for multiple spatulas, spoons and ladles. Have easy access to your needed utensils with the Joseph Joseph Elevate Carousel.
    Find it here at starting at $45.
  14. One-Pot Stop
    Perfect for the manly man who isn’t comfortable watching over multiple pots and pans, the Stonewave Microwave Cooker prepares your main course and sides together. Plus it’s great for soup.
    Find it here at for $20.
  15. Eliminate the Grease
    Tired of getting oil all over your stove as a result of spraying your pan? The OrGreenic Fry Pan has a non-stick surface so there’s no pre-coating required.
    Find it here at starting at $15.
  16. Pulley System
    Slicing, dicing and whisking has never been easier. Simply pull the string on this Tupperware Power Chef System to begin chopping. The faster you pull, the quicker it works.
    Find it here at for $75
  17. A Perfect Pour
    The Solid Red Square Lemon & Lime Squeezer keeps seeds from falling into your dish. And your hands will stay clean and sticky-free, too.
    Find it here at for under $15.
  18. Slow and Steady
    There’s nothing as tender as slow-cooked meat. Using the 360 Cookware 4 Quart Stainless Steel Stock Pot with Cover/Gourmet Cooker allows you to throw all your ingredients into one pot, leave it for hours, and come back to a flavorful meal.
    Find it here at for less than $200.
  19. Chill Out
    Make your own refreshment with this Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker. Simply place your favorite leaves into the infuser with enough room to expand, brew, chill, then serve!
    Find it here at for less than $30.
  20. Herbal Remedy
    Fresh parsley and basil are always better than bottled, but cutting them up can be tedious. Use the Microplane Herb Mill to do the job for you.
    Find it here at for $25.
  21. Use Your Noodle
    Even carbs are OK in moderation. Measure out a healthy serving size using the Jokari Portion Control Pasta Basket.
    Find it here at for under $20.
  22. Crush It
    Yes, garlic tastes great and is good for you, but dicing it can be the pits. Joseph Joseph Easy Press chops up whole cloves for you by simply squeezing the handles together.
    Find it here at for under $20.
  23. Weigh Your Options
    Keep your meals proportional — carbs, protein, and fat — by measuring your portions with The Orange Chef Prep Pad. Its app counterpart can estimate calories, too, by telling it what type of food is on the scale.
    Find it here at for $150.
  24. Hot in Here
    Steam rice or veggies to perfection in the LeKue Steam Case with Tray. When you’re done, throw it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.
    Find it here at starting at $35.
  25. Lock It Up
    Leftover make a great lunch the next day. Store your creations in the Cuisinart Fresh Edge Patented Vacuum-Seal Food Storage System containers to ensure they’re fresh for the upcoming week.
    Find it here at starting at $25.