As Alaskans we know the impact the sunless winters have on our bodies. Vitamin D is essential for the health of the human heart and is associated with bone and joint maintenance and helps prevent cancer, disease and diabetes. Despite the many wonderful things a little D can do, it is not always easy for Alaskans to naturally acquire enough, especially during the winter.

But there is good news! Health experts advise we eat foods rich in Vitamin D and we have many vitamin rich food options to choose from. These foods include:

• Vitamin-D enriched milk
• Pork
• Eggs
• Mackerel
• Salmon
• Tuna
• Herring
• Sardines
• Shitake and button mushrooms
• Beef Liver
• Ricotta Cheese

Experts also advise Alaskans to consider regular vitamin D supplements or a few teaspoons of cod liver oil daily — along with a mid afternoon walk. For the month of December, to battle the winter blues and keep your body healthy, our Supplement of the Month is none other than Vitamin D! SVT Health & Wellness features some of the highest quality Vitamin D3 available—and it’s all 10% off during the month of December. Stop on by!